Reflections on Jinnah – Part 11

Reflections on Jinnah – Part 11

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‘Jinnah’s life-long struggle for the resolution of India’s constitutional question bore fruit in the form of a new state being carved out in the subcontinent.

He gave his time, health and eventually his life for the acquisition of Pakistan and envisioned it to be a modern and democratic Muslim state that would be tolerant and accepting to all communities.

He envisioned the enshrining of the golden principles of Islam into Pakistan’s constitution, which called for the strengthening of the legal system and the protection of minorities, among other things.

The post-partition history of Pakistan is another story, whereby many people either knowingly or out of plain ignorance misinterpreted the ideological inclinations of Jinnah.

My inspiration for retracing the history of the Independence struggle came from exposing myself to the barrage of false narratives that are constantly being fed to the public. The current Indian Government has embarked on a campaign to internationally isolate Pakistan and is using different platforms to further its ‘narrative propaganda’, bankrolling authors to produce research which vilifies Pakistan’s ideological roots. The idea is to present the founders of Pakistan as fundamentalists and erase their true identities.

They amplify the global fears of terrorism by terming Pakistan as a hub of terrorism, a term which was popularized by former Indian PM Manmohan Singh in his address to the UNGA. It is vital to counter such propaganda because the complexity of Partition is being exploited by those opposed to the idea of Pakistan.

I have tried to present my case with facts and evidence, and have used this biopic of Jinnah to illustrate my research.

Video Credits: Jamil Dehlavi & Akbar S. Ahmed